This is a summary of the projects that our consultants have completed.

  • Towers Perrin

    Towers Perrin - SPM

    Towers Perrin is a leading human resources consulting and outsourcing firm. Survey Process Modernization (SPM) is a custom system that enables Towers Perrin to sell their surveys and services online. The system supports the complete pipeline of a sale from posting a product to the online catalog, through online purchasing, fulfillment, and invoicing. The system is used worldwide and interfaces with a central oracle financials system. The Java Web Application runs on BEA WebLogic and uses an Oracle database server. The system includes custom Windows services written in Java to support asynchronous processing. Mr. Fitzgerald was the project manager and technical architect for the full lifecycle of this project.
  • Towers Perrin

    Towers Perrin - CAS

    In support of its Compensation Administration Solutions (CAS) business offering, Towers Perrin implemented an Oracle based system with both client/server and web-based components, designed for use internally at Towers Perrin, and externally by their client base. The CAS offering supports extensive market-based data analysis and reporting on compensation data for clients worldwide. The client-server components of the application were built in Visual Basic and Visual C++, and the web-components were built using J2EE patterns running in a BEA WebLogic server. Mr. Fitzgerald developed a VB GUI, Java API, reports in VSView, and web pages.
  • Towers Perrin

    Towers Perrin - Disaster Recovery Plan

    To help prepare Towers Perrin in the event of a technical emergency, Mr. Fitzgerald wrote a disaster recovery plan for the servers used by the Executive Compensation group. This effort involved documenting the hardware and software configuration, the steps necessary to reinstall all software, the backup schedule, the steps necessary to restore from a backup and a dependency chart to aid in the order of operations. This disaster recovery document was used by Towers Perrin in a drill to simulate a recovery. Mr. Fitzgerald was the author of this document.
  • H&R Block

    H&R Block - Echo

    H&R Block used FileNet's P8 software offering to help support their tax-return processing business. The system provided a flexible workflow and imaging environment that electronically organized the flow of tasks through the business process. By proving an isolated business definition, the system enabled managers to continue to innovate by evolving their business process cheaply and efficiently. The system was built in a J2EE environment using Struts on BEA WebLogic coupled with FileNet's P8 Process Engine to manage workflow and Content Engine to manage tax documents. Mr. Fitzgerald co-developed this prototype and wrote custom tag libraries to blend with H&R block's look-and-feel.
  • Wells Fargo

    Wells Fargo - SeeMore

    Wells Fargo implemented an integrated workflow and imaging application in support of its small-business lending business. The application supported the orderly processing of loan requests during the underwriting process through the booking and funding of the loans. The application was built on Microsoft IIS in ASP and .NET, utilizing Microsoft SQL Server and a FileNet Image Services platform for TIFF image management. Mr. Fitzgerald implemented change requests to extend web functionality including interfacing with web services.
  • Wells Fargo

    Wells Fargo - Continuum

    This project assisted Wells Fargo Business Banking Services in the documentation of requirements and development of a prototype of Continuum, a BPM workflow project. The BPM system is based on the FileNet P8 workflow platform as a J2EE Web application and utilized ILOG JRules and an Oracle database. The system is intended to support thousands of bankers, administrative staff, and banking operations personnel throughout the U.S. to process loans across the entire Wells Fargo business banking portfolio. Mr. Fitzgerald conducted requirements sessions with senior level clients and co-authored the requirements documents.
  • Fannie Mae

    Fannie Mae - Integrated Mortgage Processing System

    Fannie Mae undertook a $300Mil systems upgrade project. The goal of the upgrade was to develop a technical infrastructure that readily responds to customer product innovations. The new infrastructure is comprised of three separate systems: acquisitions, servicing, and securitization. The new technical environment uses J2EE, Oracle9i, BEA WebLogic and Ab Initio for ETL. During the requirements phase Mr. Fitzgerald contributed to a requirements document for a gateway of all incoming and outgoing bulk data. During the design phase of the project, Mr. Fitzgerald developed UML design artifacts using TogetherSoft. Mr Fitzgerald designed and prototyped a J2EE notification system and an Ab Initio ETL processes. Mr. Fitzgerald authored a multi-threaded Ab Initio component interfacing with a JMS queue. Mr. Fitzgerald presented his prototype work to senior client members. Additionally, Mr. Fitzgerald played the role of Configuration Manager, using Rational ClearCase.
  • Fitness Giant


    FitnessGiant.com is an online retail site that sells over $1Mil in fitness equipment per year. As a founder of this company, Mr. Fitzgerald plotted the strategic business plan. He created the online retail store and performed Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) using metrics to tune the site. He tested and executed an online marketing plan directly accountable for 60% of the site revenue. Mr. Fitzgerald has since sold his ownership in the company.
  • AMS

    American Management Systems - Wireless Initiative

    As part of a new technology initiative, the Systems Integration group within AMS began a program to gain competency in select cutting edge areas of software development. This initiative focused on application development in the PalmOS and included writing a Palm query tool and a corresponding conduit to execute queries during HotSync. Another proof of concept involved a Palm wireless application for insurance agents to access claims in Siebel over a WAP enabled device. Mr. Fitzgerald was the sole developer for this initiative.
  • AMS

    CGI - Sovera for Health Information Management

    This healthcare software product, originally written at American Management Systems and currently maintained by CGI, manages patient information in hospitals. The main features include electronic and scanned capture, chart retrieval and annotation, and reporting and productivity monitoring, creating a paperless work environment. The user interface is an ActiveX application written with Microsoft Visual C++ and connects to a FileNet WorkFlo back-end. Mr. Fitzgerald worked with the QA testing team to eliminate defects and incorporate new features and prepare the software to ship to hospitals.
  • AMS

    CGI - Proponix

    Proponix, originally written at American Management Systems and currently maintained by CGI, enables banks to buy trade and supply chain finance technology as a service on a “pay as you go basis.” This project had a large power builder application that needed to be deployed using Citrix for terminal emulation. FileNet had a limitation of only allowing one user from the same computer, an obstacle for success of this software. Mr. Fitzgerald wrote an NT service that would span multiple user sessions and successfully manage multiple concurrent users, circumventing the obstacle.
  • NFL

    National Football League - Game Scheduling System

    After Mr. Fitzgerald worked with the NFL broadcasting team to enhance their existing game scheduling system, the NFL hired AMS and Mr. Fitzgerald to create a new custom game scheduling system. Mr. Fitzgerald contributed to the proposal of the new system by meeting with senior personnel to gather requirements. Mr. Fitzgerald designed the SQL Server database using PowerDesigner and served as the DBA. Throughout development, Mr. Fitzgerald focused on the C++ objects that represented the rules for scheduling games.
  • Providian

    Providian Financial - Developer Toolkit

    The Unsecured Spread Business division of Providian Financial commissioned a developer Toolkit intended to create a common method of performing non-business, system level tasks within newly developed applications. The Toolkit was conceived specifically to enable application developers to concentrate more time and effort on the business applications and provide functionality to aid in the transition to a new architecture. Mr. Fitzgerald authored the Messaging objects in the toolkit. The messaging piece provides a layer of abstraction for storing and transmitting data across multiple protocols including IBM MQSeries and native BSD sockets. The code was written in ANSI C++, and compiled on Windows and several derivatives of UNIX. The toolkit was delivered as a set of libraries, DLLs, and COM objects.
  • Providian

    Providian Financial - Bureaus

    The Credit Bureaus system determines which credit card applications are accepted by applying a set of rules to credit history information. This project is the first for Providian to use the Toolkit, a previous project that Mr. Fitzgerald developed. For this project Mr. Fitzgerald wrote an object in VB to store and marshal credit bureau information. additionally, he wrote a UNIX service to interact with the Oracle database and write batch files of credit bureau data.
  • Providian

    Providian Financial - Underwriting

    The Underwriting system was the next stage in the pipeline for Providian Financial after the Bureaus project. This custom system applies rules to determine the amount of financial credit to extend a customer. Mr. Fitzgerald wrote the detailed design and built the windows interface portion of the project. This VB interface allowed representatives to perform reconsiderations, QA, and Test Center functionality. The application uses ADO to connect with an Oracle database, and IBM MQ Series to message with the UNIX back-end.
  • GE Capital, First Colony Life

    GE Capital, First Colony Life - FileNet and PegaSystems Integration

    At GEFA’s Fixed Annuities Service Center, Mr. Fitzgerald successfully integrated FileNet Image Management System with PegaSystems Workflow engine. He developed C code on HP-UX to establish an interface to perform database functions from an external application. During this implementation he was one of the first members of the Technology Solutions Group to work with PegaSystems and FileNet Panagon IDM.

    This project led to some additional work that involved transferring documents to foreign outsourcing resources, and reconciling the transfer. Mr. Fitzgerald authored the Reconcile and Transfer portions of the project using FileNet's WorkFlo Application Language interface.