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The aim of our strategy practice is to provide practical solutions to help you achieve your goals through the web or your intranet. We are able to quickly get up to speed on your business or business plan and use our web-based expertise to make your plan a reality. We may perform analysis on your current site to obtain metrics that are helpful to devise a strategy.


Depending on your particular requirements, the design phase may consist of a full-blown set of documents consisting of a Functional Design, Technical Design, Database Diagram, Use Case Document, Screen Shots, and UML Diagrams. We are capable of delivering in that capacity; however, we believe that the most efficient path to taking your software live is to select only the minimum set of design artifacts that ensure our client is on the same page with our developers.


We believe in an Agile, iterative development philosophy that allows the client to help shape the direction of the final product. Often it is difficult for clients to envision the final product and so developing in short (2-4 week) iterations allows the client to preview pieces of functionality and steer the future effort.


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