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Baby Log - Usage and Tips


Preference: Show Details on Add New
If this preference is on, Baby Log will automatically open the detail view when a user makes a new entry from the Timer view.

Preference: Use Default Values
If this preference is on, Baby Log will use values from the previous entry as default values for a new entry. These values are meant as a starting point to save time while entering information.

Switch Babies
If you are using this application for two babies you can shake the iPhone or iPod to switch between babies.


Stats "need more entries"
The statistics are computed based on the details of entries. You can add details (sleep duration and feeding amount) in the Log view.

Left vs Right Breast Tracking
Use Minutes-L and Minutes-R to track breast feeding in the Feeding Amount screen. By default, the opposite side is chosen for a new entry. To track Pumping, use the "Other" type of log entry.

"Other" entry
Use the "Other" type of entry to track pumping, medicine, or anything else.

"Set Amount to Timer"
If the newest entry is a Sleep, Feed, or Other, and the minimum unit of time has passed, the detail view has a button (v1.2) called "Set Amount to Timer. This button sets the current duration/amount to be the time that has passed since the entry was created.


Remove Log Entry
Swipe Right in the Log to enable a Delete button.

The email feature exports the entire log in comma seperated values (CSV) format in an email. You can use this format to import into a spreadsheet, such as Excel. If you are exporting with twins, you should export once for each baby.

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