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Baby Log - Changelog


  • Use the Timer to set the duration/amount
  • "Show Details on Add New" feature and preference
  • "Use Default Values" preference
  • Last Entry button to open most recent entry


  • Increased feeding amount selector to 350 for milliliters
  • Fractional ounces for feedings
  • Added an "Other" category to track pumping, medicine, or other activities
  • Added an Other/day weekly statistic
  • Track left vs. right breast feedings
  • Time intervals for entry time and sleep duration have been decreased from 10 minutes to 5 minutes
  • For twins, added child name to Timer screen
  • Corrected milliliters misspelling
  • Fixed alignment of 2nd baby color picker


  • Tracks diapers, feedings (in minutes, ounces, or milliliters), sleep, and baths
  • One-touch log entry
  • Exports log in CSV format for importing into a spreadsheet
  • Computes statistics for the last week (diapers/day, feeding/day, sleep/day)
  • Timer and Log views
  • Twins capable - shake device to switch between babies
  • Optionally write notes for each entry
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