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Our first product for the iPhone/iPod is Baby Log. As a new, sleep deprived parent, it is easy to forget the last time you have diapered, fed, napped, and bathed your baby. This application allows you to enter an activity with one touch. Optionally, you may log notes and details about the activity, such as the amount of the feeding and the length of sleep.

Also, Baby Log helps parents who are trading off duties and would benefit from knowing what has happened while they were away.

Features Include:

  • Tracks diapers, feedings (in minutes, ounces, or milliliters), sleep, and baths
  • An Other category for pumping, medicine, or other activities
  • One-touch log entry
  • Exports log in CSV format for importing into a spreadsheet
  • Computes statistics for the last week (diapers/day, feeding/day, sleep/day)
  • Timer and Log views
  • Twins capable - shake device to switch between babies
  • Record left vs. right breast feeding minutes
  • Optionally write notes for each entry

The changelog has a log of changes by version.

Usage tips can be found by tapping the "i" from within Baby Log.

For support questions you may contact

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